Lithium Australia outlines recycling strategy

Lithium extraction specialist, Lithium Australia, is targeting the recycling of technology metals, including lithium, as part of its broader strategy to generate a range of products.

The Perth-based company revealed its latest strategy, which will include applying processes with a low-energy footprint, and with minimal exposure to mining costs.

In a recent statement to the ASX, Lithium Australia said it will “evaluate the logistic chain from ‘cradle to grave’” to determine the deportment of all components of lithium-ion batteries and develop a strategy to maximise the recovery of all materials used in the products at the end of their useful life.

“We see a lot of waste in the mining industry as a consequence of imposing high cutoff grades to lithium deposits,” said Adrian Griffin, Managing Director of Lithium Australia. “This is not sustainable and Lithium Australia is developing the technologies to rectify the situation.

“We see the recycling of batteries in a similar light.

“Legislative changes, on a global basis, are likely to force industry into more responsible recycling programs and Lithium Australia is positioning itself to become part of the solution.”

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