LNP backs Queensland Container Deposit Scheme

Cans for recycling
Queensland’s Labor Environment Minister has welcomed the Opposition’s support for introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS) to the state.

Liberal National Party leader Tim Nicholls used World Environment Day on 5 June to announce that the LNP would back the current state government’s initiative to introduce a CDS.

“Our team is committed to grassroots environmental initiatives and this scheme would bring Queensland in line with other states across Australia,” said Mr Nicholls. “This scheme could also be a major win for Queensland community groups who could access $25 million in deposits and handling fees, providing a valuable income source to fund their activities.

Queensland Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles welcomed the Opposition’s announcement.

“Labor committed to investigate a cash for cans style scheme at the last election, and I very much welcome the LNP’s support,” he said.

“We have been working with industry and the NSW Government on a container deposit scheme, and there is funding to develop it in the coming State Budget.

Dr Miles said an Advisory Group has been established in Queensland to assist in better understanding the issues and design of a CDS.

This group is made up of representatives from environment and community groups, the waste and recycling industry, the beverage industry and local government. Its work will feed into a discussion paper for public consultation for later this year.

“We’re working closely with New South Wales – who’ve committed to introduce their scheme by 2017 – to ensure any scheme we advance for Queensland is consistent on the key elements with what is rolled out south of the border,” added Dr Miles. “But more than that, achieving consistency between NSW and Queensland will avoid creating major new problems affecting South East Queensland and, especially, the Gold Coast.”

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