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Loadman On-Board Digital Scale Solutions

LoadMan LM410 In-Cab Computer weighing solution
Loadman Australia provides a huge range of digital weighing and scale solutions for the waste industry.

Loadman sources products from three manufacturers, while also developing technology locally, to meet almost all customer requirements.

For the operator who needs weigh-in-motion systems with individual bin weighing for front, side and rear load waste and recycling applications, Loadman offers load cell technology, which is adaptable to existing bin lifters.

Touchscreen technology and load management GPS software supports the systems, gathering all information on pick-ups by weight, location, customer and time, then sends it back to the office instantly.

Loadman also offers a range of under-body load cell solutions with patented strain gauge technology with a higher output for more accurate weighing.

For compliance considerations, Loadman offers solutions for air and spring suspension systems. For 4 x 2 vehicles with a GVM up to 16,000 kilograms, the Red Forge Axalert Plus system is a cost-effective solution with visual and audible warning for axle group weight and GVM.

The Loadman rigid truck suspension-based scale systems are suitable for spring and air suspension with systems for 4 x 2, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4 vehicles. For individual axle group weights for trucks and trailers with air suspension, the Airtec AXL-200 meets the requirements with a calibrated display in kilograms. Overload warning options are available with the Airtec product.


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