MAC/2 Balers for higher density

MAC/2 Balers for higher density

Two years after launching its first model of the MAC/2 generation, MACPRESSE, a leading manufacturer of bale presses from Italy, added the MAC107/2 to the MAC/2 series.  

Through the MAC110/2, MAC108/2 and MAC107/2, the Italian manufacturer has made numerous improvements to the well-performing MAC/1 series. The MAC107/2, in particular, is designed for medium production capabilities at a low cost.

According to Australian distributor CEMAC technologies, the previous MAC/1 series was widely acclaimed by MACPRESS customers across the globe due to its high capability, reliability and low energy consumption. Building on this reputation, the MAC/2 series makes these machines more efficient and easier to use and allows for considerable output improvements. 

A range of features ensure this success, including enhanced hydraulics boosting the output of the machines, while the high efficiency IE3 electric motors achieves up to 30 per cent energy saving. 

At the same time, the XL channel design with 1.5-metre extension allows for considerably better backpressure. For these reasons, the MAC107/2 provides up to 30 per cent higher densities for cardboard and 15 per cent for plastics. 

The enhanced main cylinder mounting, redesigned bale cutting system and better maintenance accessibility considerably improve the service life of the machine. Larger hopper dimensions and revised counter pressure cylinders are other areas where the machine has been significantly improved.  

At the same time, MACPRESSE maintained their design advantages for all machines with boltable Hardox protection on all wear surfaces.