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Maintaining legal limits: Right Weigh and Smart Truck Solutions

Right Weigh and Smart Truck Solutions are committed to maximising payloads while taking the guess work out of driving and retaining legal weights. 

After years spent searching for a simple, cost effective way to keep truck drivers within legal load weight limits, Alaskan trucker Sid Campbell developed the first Right Weigh onboard load scale in 1998.  

As a fleet owner and operator on Alaska’s ice roads, Campbell first used his scales on his own trucks and trailers. 

He soon recognised that many of his peers were also in search of the same solution, and since then, Right Weigh, Inc. has grown into a global leader in on-board load scale solutions.  

Kelly Jackson, Right Weigh’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, explains that the company’s approach is grounded in first-hand industry knowledge and experience. 

“From the driver all the way up to the fleet owner, we understand all of the pain points along the road and design our products and customer support services around that understanding,” she says.

It’s this holistic, total supply chain ethos that led Right Weigh to its similarly minded Australian distributor Smart Truck Solutions over 13 years ago. 

Like Campbell, Smart Truck Solutions owner Leigh Noske has a long history in transport, which allows him to provide customers with tailored weighing solutions and advice based on personal experience. 

Noske and Smart Truck Solutions began distributing Right Weigh products in Australia after meeting the Right Weigh team at a truck show in 2008. 

The partnership is centred around a commitment to helping customers maximise load capacity, while saving money on commercial scale fees, out-of-route mileage and overweight fines.

“I’ve been in the transport industry for over 40 years, first as an owner of vehicles and now a supplier of Right Weigh load scales. I know how the industry works and what customers need from their weighing systems,” Noske says. 

While the team’s initial Australian focus was tractor trailers, Right Weigh and Smart Truck Solutions have been turning their attention to the waste and resource recovery sector in recent years, after recognising similar needs and challenges. 

When Chain of Responsibility laws underwent a revamp in 2018, for example, waste haulers came under increased pressure to improve safety along the supply chain. 

Overloading waste trucks, even inadvertently, can result in expensive fines. And as legal weight is based on both individual axle group weight and overall vehicle weight, Noske says load scales have become an indispensable feature – taking the guess work out of driving and maintaining legal weights.


Right Weigh Load Scales help turn waste trucks into self-weighing vehicles while keeping operators with legal limits reliably and efficiently. 

While the total Right Weigh portfolio can be applied to the commercial trucking industry, Noske highlights Interior Digital Load Scales and Exterior Digital Load Scales as particularly well suited to the needs of waste management transport applications. 

Right Weigh’s most versatile product, the interior digital gauge, provides on-the-ground axle group weight for vehicles with air steer and drive axles. 

The gauge is available with up to four air inputs and mounts in the cab for at-a-glance weight data.

The scale has a simple two-point calibration and comes with with chrome and black bezels.

Right Weigh’s exterior scales are similarly effective and designed for truck applications with an air suspension drive axle group and a spring suspension steer axle. 

They monitor the drive axle group as well as providing a steer axle weight using a strain sensor that is attached to the steer axle. 

In addition to providing the driver real-time and accurate data, Noske says Right Weigh digital load scales can synchronise via Bluetooth to the Right Weigh mobile app for ease of use. 

“Users can view the on-ground weight of their truck and trailer either from the heads-up-display on the unit or anywhere within Bluetooth range, and can share that information with fleet operators via email – facilitating a safer and more productive way to monitor and maintain legal weight limits.

“Through the tare feature in the app, total weight of waste collected can be available, as well as the ability to monitor inputs and outputs during material recovery, and dispose efficiently,” he says. 

Noske adds that installation is a simple three-step process, with quick and easy calibration. 

While Right Weigh, Inc. is internationally recognised for its product offering, Jackson credits much of its popularity to superior customer support. 

“Our products are reliable, durable and reputable,” she says. 

To ensure that promise, Right Weigh scales come with an indisputable three-year warranty. 

“Our mission is to make life easier for the driver, and Noske does a tremendous job offering that support to the Australian industry,” Jackson says. 

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