Managed services maximise the benefits of landfill technology

Managed services maximise the benefits of landfill technology

Adopting technology in the waste management sector has multiple benefits, from streamlining operations to optimising cell compaction and more.

Yet despite the potential productivity gains and time savings, many landfill operators are reluctant to adapt their business to new technology citing budget limitations, lack of time, and resources required to learn and manage the system.

Position Partners offers a unique machine guidance technology and services package specifically designed to mitigate these barriers to adoption for landfill operators.

It stands apart in two important ways: firstly, the machine guidance technology has been specifically designed for the waste management sector, not the construction industry, and secondly, the company can assist with a complete support, reporting and data management package to optimise return on investment.

Carlson LandfillGrade combines hardware for the compactor (namely a precision GPS unit for the roof of the machine, a control box for the operator in the cab and a range of sensors) along with software that delivers a wide range of reporting capabilities.

To eliminate the need to upskill or hire additional staff, Position Partners now offers comprehensive data management, reporting and remote troubleshooting services.

This managed service is designed to save time and maximise productivity by maintaining data integrity, generating and distributing reports and hosting the data on a client’s behalf.

“Our landfill solutions aim to help operators manage their sites more efficiently by delivering relevant information on their site operations without any additional workload for them or their team,” Andrew Granger, Position Partners Business Development Manager says.

“If operators experience any technical problems or the system needs new software, we can handle this remotely via our support hubs throughout Australia, without the customer having to wait for support to arrive on site.”

In addition to remote technical support and reporting services, Granger notes that the company’s managed service offers proactive maintenance to ensure the technology is working effectively.

“Because our team has experience in monitoring and reporting on landfill data across multiple operators and sites, we are alert to any inconsistencies or potential improvements,” he says.

“This enables us to be on the front foot when it comes to managing technology for customers to ensure they maximise the benefits.”

Budget constraints are always a consideration for landfill operators, however, Granger advises that the return on investment is typically very fast for machine guidance and reporting technology.

“Each site is different, however I would say that on average the technology has paid for itself within the first six to twelve months and continues to save the landfill year on year after that,” he adds.

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