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Manco Environmental extends its smart solutions for waste management in Australia by taking on Bigbelly. 

Overflowing rubbish bins are more than an eyesore. The environmental risks can include air and water contamination, disease-carrying pests and missed recycling opportunities.

But there’s one bin to rue them all. For more than 20 years, Bigbelly smart bins have helped make communities and public spaces, greener and cleaner.

Manco Environmental, a division of Manco Engineering Australia, has been the distributor of Bigbelly in New Zealand for the past decade and is now taking the reins in Australia.

Jaclyn Vanderent, General Manager, Manco, says the company has built a strong relationship with Bigbelly. “The success of this relationship, and Bigbelly’s continued support, dedication to their products and innovation, make this an ideal fit for Manco,” she says.

Manco Environmental has a depth of knowledge and expertise within the waste industry, specialising in waste and recycling equipment including collection vehicles, bespoke recycling hubs, glass crushers, bin washers and electric sweepers. Bigbelly adds another level to Manco’s public space waste solutions.

“Manco has been recognised globally for its continued innovations in the waste industry, with equipment designed to make life simpler for the end-user and contribute to better environmental outcomes,” Jaclyn says.

“Consistent and uniform recycling is key for communities to achieve their zero-waste and sustainability goals. Manco and Bigbelly can have an important role to play.”

Bigbelly began in 2003 with a focus on enhancing productivity while reducing costs, fuel consumption and labour for waste collections. The solar-powered compacting waste bin has five times the capacity of a traditional bin and is connected to a cloud-driven software management platform that provides real-time alerts for overflow or other issues.

A solar panel on the top of the bin harvests energy to charge the battery to operate the compactor. Energy management software means the bin continues to operate during low sunlight conditions.

The ‘smarts’ are housed beneath the top door, clear from weather. The CLEAN software system can be set up to manage and optimise bins from a desktop dashboard or mobile app. Auto-generated notifications and other alerts means the waste collector knows what’s happening on the street and when bins need to be collected.

The modular system can be tailored for specific sites depending on capacity and waste streams including mixed waste, single-stream recycling or compost.

Jaclyn says that by eliminating windblown litter and waste overflows, the Bigbelly is contributing to cleaner streets and public spaces. Fully enclosed bins also eliminate a food source for rats and other pests.

While the visual impact the Bigbelly makes is important, Jaclyn says deploying a Bigbelly has flow-on effects for fuel economy and emissions reduction.

According to the Environment Protection Authority, transportation is the greatest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The Bigbelly can reduce waste collections by an average of 80 per cent.

Bigbelly data shows that in one city, the installation of 354 high and standard capacity waste and recycling stations across 170 locations resulted in an 88 per cent reduction in collections.

“Fewer collections mean fewer kilometres driven, reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Jaclyn says. “Fewer collections also mean reduced vehicle use, maintenance and fuel consumption.

“Some locations where Bigbelly is deployed have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 92 per cent.

“Regardless of vehicle and fuel type, Bigbelly provides an opportunity to reduce environmental impacts.”

Jaclyn says Manco is committed to helping organisations and communities improve sustainability with leading equipment and customer service.

“Our dedication to customer satisfaction is important to us,” she says. “We’re proud to be able to continue to offer Bigbelly within Australia.”  

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