Mandalay CS

Mandalay CS

Mandalay CS offers a complete solution to transaction ticketing, payment processing and data capture for all movements in and out of waste and quarry industry sites.

The system processes and captures vehicle movements while delivering critical functions such as payment processing, hardware interfaces and data capture. 

With more than 10 years of continuous development, Mandalay has offered a range of key features bundled into modules across ticketing, access control, driver control stations (advanced and basic), reporting, regulation and administration and security.

Its ticketing system offers docket printing, alerts, payments, till shift management and temporary account management. Ticketing and administration features ticket management, vouchers, vehicle management, image capturing, advanced driver management, multiple weighed products, product pricing and a range of other key features.

Mandalay CS’s reporting capabilities are complemented by its ability to integrate with the company’s naus platform and supporting products. Through naus, data can be used for integrating external systems through multiple suites of application programming interface; complex modelling and scenarios of multi-site environments for budgeting and forecasting; enhanced data insights using other sources of data and a variety of products already under development.