Mandate to boost Queensland biofuels market

The Queensland Government has just introduced a new biofuels mandate that will see biodiesel make up half a per cent of the diesel available for sale.

According to Minister for Energy, Biofuel and Water Supply, Mark Bailey, said the biofuels mandate requires liable fuel sellers to sell a minimum amount of biobased petrol (three per cent), such as E10, and biobased diesel (0.5 per cent), to boost the Queensland fuel industry and the jobs that come with it, giving consumers cleaner fuel choices at the pump, but allow the driver to choose fuel made in Queensland, Australia.

“Following extensive industry consultation, the ethanol component of the mandate will only apply to fuel retailers who sell more than 500,000 litres of petrol at a site each calendar quarter or who own 10 or more sites,” Minister Bailey said.

“By doing this we are protecting the continued development of our biofuels industry while simultaneously protecting our small businesses – and the jobs that come with them.

“The threshold means that 93 per cent of all regular unleaded petrol sales in Queensland will continue to be captured by the mandate, but that smaller businesses, who don’t sell much petrol will not need to comply.”

In addition, the Minister said the biofuels mandate will play a key role in Queensland’s move to a clean energy economy, protect smaller fuel businesses and drive jobs growth in regional part of the State, which is also home to a new biofuels laboratory opened last December.

“Our ethanol mandate is set at a level that seeks to ensure fuel retailers continue to offer a broad range of fuel grades,” he added. “This gives motorists more access to cleaner sources of fuel, while maintaining choice at the bowser.”

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