Material Recovery Solutions’ Godswill balers

Material Recovery Solutions’ Godswill balers

International original equipment manufacturer Godswill Paper Machinery Company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of balers.

With over 200 balers in operation in Australia and New Zealand, Godswill holds a substantial market share, with many operating in high-volume applications.

To offer the reliable equipment locally, Material Recovery Solutions (MRS) are the exclusive agent for Godswill balers in Australia and New Zealand. Its range includes, but is not limited to, channel, two ram, closed door and custom build balers.

MRS’ range of Godswill balers typical come in three frame sizes and feature modular hydraulic systems, which allow MRS to increase kilowatt packages to tailor the baler’s configuration to suit customer requirements.

Hydraulic systems are designed to be highly efficient, offering regenerative oil management, energy efficient components and variable frequency drives, with variable speed controllers to optimise low-load stages of the baling cycle.

Flagship models comprise the GB-1111F series channel baler and GB-1175TR series two ram balers.

Godswill balers are designed to provide export bale weights at high throughputs across a range of material types.

The channel baler series supports fibrous materials such as paper, cardboard and various waste streams.

The two ram baler series, designed to bale high memory materials such as plastic bottles, and LDPE film, can also bale an array of other materials.

Custom builds are also available for bespoke applications.

MRS provided are range of other equipment to complement the baler range and offer turnkey material recovery solutions to the industry.

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