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Maximising landfill life: Tutt Bryant

John Glossat, National Business Development Manager at Tutt Bryant Equipment, explains how one machine has helped landfill operators transform their compacting abilities.

According to a recent industry segment survey, the major driving factor of the global waste compactor truck market is growing waste due to urbanisation and rising population.

However, following COVID-19 lockdown restrictions this year, operators have seen growing waste due to a huge increase in volumes of household rubbish and dumping of waste triggered by a combination of more online shopping, home improvements and clearing out of unwanted possessions during stay at home orders.

Compacting landfill waste has never been more highly sought after. Rising domestic waste that can’t be disposed of at recycling centres is a concern to regional and metro areas across the nation.

In fact, according to the Global Garbage Compactor Truck Market industry survey released this year, the need for landfill compactors will boom over the 2018-2025 forecast period.

The Asia-Pacific region is also anticipated to exhibit a higher growth rate across the global market.

John Glossat, National Business Development Manager at Tutt Bryant Equipment says versatile compactors are an essential tool for councils and contractors across Australia, especially during this current climate.

He credits the latest BOMAG landfill compactor as a game-changer for Australian operators.

According to John, BOMAG has been a market leader in compaction technology since 1957 and provides a range of quality machines and solutions to support the waste sector.

He says a recent highlight has been the introduction of BOMAG BC473RS-3 to landfill sites that have transformed operations due to the multi-function applications.

Last year Tutt Bryant was approached by a landfill operator in Tasmania. The operator wanted a streamlined machine that was also cost effective.

“We were so excited to show them a multi-functional compactor with high lift applications that they’d never seen before,” Glossat says.

“The operator in Tasmania had a smaller landfill to compact and sort materials including loading applications and they were using various machines including excavators, loaders to compact, dig, load material and compact.

“You could only imagine how thrilled they were to hear the news that we could provide them with one machine that can meet the needs of all their required tasks.”

Since installation last year, Glossat has since visited the site in Tasmania and says the operator was proud to show the machine in action and demonstrate the ongoing efficiencies at the site since the Landfill Compactor arrived.

Glossat talks with pride explaining the endless benefits of the BOGMAG BC473RS-3.

“There are many various designs available however the unique set up here is a versatile Compactor like no other which can be used for many applications,” he explains.

“If you want to load, to compact, to grab, to dean or more – it can all be done with this one machine.”

Tutt Bryant believes this revised concept sets new standards and the versatility has proven to be a hit with end-users especially smaller council owned landfills.

Following the success in Tasmania, Tutt Bryant recently delivered another BOMAG BC473RS-3 into a facility in Western Queensland in July this year.

“The operator in Queensland was considering the use of excavators, dozers and loaders for its operations just like we saw in Tassie, after seeing the multi-functional capabilities of one machine the choice of purchasing this landfill compactor was a no brainer,” he says.

Glossat says the features of the machine stand out immediately fitted with a 4in1 multi-purpose bucket locally manufactured through Kerfab in VIC.

“Spreading, loading, sorting or compacting – the high versatility of this model produced a clear vote of acceptance and recommendation. It handles sensitively with a fast response time and the operator vision over the large hood is extremely clear not to mention also hydraulically operated,” he says.

Glossat highlights that one of the most impressive features is its practical 4 X polygon wheel design with scraper bars fitted to the front and rear of each wheel including wire cutters to keep the tools extremely clean for maximum compaction efforts.

“Fitted as standard is a reverse camera with optional reverse sensors available to meet operator’s most demanding safety requirements, an auto greasing system for constant maintenance of pins and bushes and the popular Telematics system to remotely manage your machine, check its position, engine hours, machine performance and more with a click of a mouse from nearly any device,” he says.

Other notable features include automatic reports which can be set as required that provide full transparency on fuel consumption, idle times, and the potential for fleet optimisation.

“The underside is completely sealed and closed off to prevent debris entering the engine compartment. Clean, safe and no external loss of fluids. This will also contribute to minimising the risk of fires under the hood caused by waste entering nasty little openings,” Glossat says.

Landfill operators from small councils to larger waste contractors have a duty during this time to provide essential waste management services to Australian communities.

Tutt Bryant provides a range of Landfill Compactors from 24T to 58T with various models and configurations.

“We are helping streamline waste management through highly versatile machines that are important tools used in maintaining an efficient operation and extending the life of landfills Australia wide,” Glossat says.

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