Method recycling bins hit Australia market

One of the range of Method recycling bins
New Zealand start-up Method is bringing a new style of bin to the Australia market to support better work-place recycling.

Method is the brainchild of husband and wife team India and Steven Korner, who have spent three years designing the perfect office recycling bin: a beautiful, functional solution for recycling and rubbish.

“Method’s point of difference is the beautiful aesthetic and following of design thinking,” said Mrs Korner. “We wanted a product that business would be proud to have in the workspace to promote recycling. We followed the ‘design thinking’ process of IDEO – a Californian design leader – walking in the user’s shoes to solve the problems associated with workplace recycling.”

The Method recycling bin and bin stations bring a host of benefits to support responsible waste management and support recycling in the workplace.

They are highly visible, which promotes recycling rather than hiding it away and shows a company is focused on sustainability. The bins were designed for open plan offices, which makes them easy to position and avoids the need for expensive cabinetry. Using them offer workplace environments flexibility, as the number and positioning of bins can be adapted to suit office layout changes, as well as to suit recycling collection and usage.

Using the shared bin stations saves cleaners time, as this means no desk bins to empty and recycling is sorted at source by employees.

The Method bins are also easy to service, as they incorporate features like a bag retainer to hold the plastic liner, to stop it falling into the bin and looking unsightly.

“Firms spend a huge amount of money fitting out their premises, to create the right image for their staff and clients, we understood the importance of this,” explained Mrs Korner. “We wanted a bin to add to the space, rather than an ugly bin that had to be built into a cupboard, or a wheelie bin per floor in a utility area. We wanted a communal bin for recycling that was good looking enough to be placed throughout a workplace.”

Since the company’s launch in January 2015, Method recycling bins have had an excellent response from users including Atlassian, Lendlease and Queensland Health in Australia and PWC, IAG, Fairfax, Westpac, BNZ and Fuji Xerox in New Zealand.

“We are really excited about the opportunities in Australia,” added Mrs Korner. “Our first big customer ,a prominent tech company, found us on the web and approached us, as they really liked the look of our product.

“We recently sold to a new building in Barangaroo for an office that has 11 floors and 2,500 staff. Making people aware of our product is key – once they see it they are really positive about it.”

More information is available on the range of bins is available through the Method website. The company is also exhibiting at the Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE) in Sydney in August.

A range from Method recycling bins

Method recycling bins in the workplace

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