Metro Waste cleans up with Isuzu

Metro Waste cleans up with Isuzu

To capitalise on the rapidly growing waste sector and boost its mini bin concept, Metro Waste is utilising a hearty fleet of Isuzu waste trucks.

According to the latest National Waste Report, Australians generate an estimated 67 million tonnes of waste over a 12-month period. This translates to a staggering 2.2 tonnes of waste per person every year.

Analysing these figures, it’s no surprise that there’s been renewed focus on established waste and recycling management and solutions.

The microscope continues to be applied to key industry stakeholders and their waste and recycling operations, and the rest of the nation is watching.

Operating in this space and contending with the rapidly changing waste and recycling conundrum is Metro Waste.

Arguably one of the more recognisable waste and recycling management businesses in Adelaide, Metro Waste, with its fleet of branded Isuzu Trucks, services Adelaide city and the greater Adelaide region.

They collect all manner of waste and recycling materials, before returning to their Thebarton-based transfer station for sorting, cleaning and categorisation.

Metro Waste has operated throughout Adelaide for more than three decades, headed by co-owners Anthony Callipari, Carmelo Rositano and Justin Castelluzzo.

Business partners and friends, the trio have a shared vision of growing and evolving with the waste and recycling landscape, and have added a mini bin service offering, so as to better cater to the diverse needs of their customers.

The mini bin service began as a straightforward concept, but Callipari describes it as the spark that kickstarted the beginning of their real success.

“The three of us went to school together and ended up purchasing the business. We then introduced the mini bin service to the mix and we’ve kept growing ever since,” Callipari says.

Having kicked things off with only one Isuzu truck on the road, Metro Waste now have a nine-strong Isuzu truck fleet covering the length and breadth of Adelaide and surrounds.

The latest additions are an Isuzu FVR 165-300 and the robust six-cylinder FSR 140-260, both fitted with skip bin loaders and adorned with livery – all facilitated by the team at North East Isuzu in Burton.

Metro Waste’s Isuzu fleet directly supports the mini bin segment of the business, with bins that range from two to 40 cubic metres in size available seven days a week.

“Our trucks pick up and drop off bins throughout the suburbs, as well as waste from the bigger commercial construction jobs in and around the CBD,” Callipari says.

“They work in dusty and dirty environments, and are sometimes required to go off road. They’re definitely put through their paces. Each truck will cover a minimum of 600 kilometres each week, clocking anywhere between eight and 15 bin shifts.”

Callipari and his partners recently returned to North East Isuzu with the need to “fill the gaps”, so that Metro Waste could facilitate a full range of bin sizes and capacities.

With an extensive range of Isuzu trucks on hand at North East Isuzu, they were well assisted in selecting the best solution for this unforgiving task.

“Without trucks, we haven’t got a business,” Callipari says, explaining the innate reliance of the waste management industry on the capital equipment charged with transporting materials from point A to point B.

“We’re obviously dependent on trucks, without them we’ll have stockpiles of waste and we wouldn’t be able to service our customers.”

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