Miles Pledges Action To Underpin Industry At WasteQ

Qld Environment Minister Steven Miles speaking at WasteQ
Queensland’s Environment Minister said he will take action to underpin the waste and recycling sectors in his address at the WasteQ conference.

Speaking to delegates at the opening session of WasteQ in Cairns, Dr Steven Miles said he had two messages for the waste, resource recovery and recycling sectors in Queensland.

Firstly, that the government were looking to put “a floor under the industry” to better support well-run, licensed operators and tackle the problem of unlicensed ones.

Secondly, Dr Miles said he was looking to open a pathway to opportunities in waste management. The aim is to unlock investment into this sector, support new jobs and new innovation.

Dr Miles confirmed his plans to retain the current state waste strategy “for the time being”.

The minister also talked about starting the project looking at banning landfill disposal of some waste in some parts of the state. The “priority materials” being considered are sorted waste, concrete, tyres and green waste. He said his team would be seeking feedback on other materials that could be considered in the landfill ban and complementary initiatives.

Dr Miles also expanded on the work to investigate the feasibility of a container deposit scheme in Queensland. The CDS advisory group meet for the second time next week. A publication consultation on the matter is due in early 2016.

Dr Miles concluded his speech saying: “I’m optimistic about the waste sector. I’m optimistic about the measures being taken to support it as it becomes more professional. And I’m optimistic about the opportunities this will bring for jobs and economic growth.”



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