NSW C&D minimum standards update

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has said that it anticipates the regulation for its proposed minimum standards for construction and demolition waste will be made in June of this year.

Consultation on the draft Regulation and Standards for Managing Construction Waste in NSW closed in December 2017. The NSW EPA said it received approximately 50 detailed written submissions from a variety of stakeholders raising a range of complex issues and concerns with the potential impacts of the changes.

“The EPA has carefully considered the submissions and is currently reviewing the draft Regulation and Standards to ensure that these issues and concerns are appropriately addressed so that the changes achieve their intended outcomes while minimising adverse impacts for stakeholders and the environment,” the agency said outlining its position.

“While the EPA cannot set a firm date for the changes to be legislated, we can advise that they will not come into effect before 30 March 2018.”

According to NSW EPA, there are a number of steps required for the changes to be legislated:

  • a Better Regulation Statement must be prepared outlining the case for legislative reform;
  • advice on legal and regulatory implications of issues raised during consultation must be obtained;
  • proposed changes to the Regulation and Standards must be finalised to enable legislative re-drafting;
  • the proposed changes must be reviewed and the Regulation re-drafted by the Government’s Parliamentary Counsel’s Office;
  • the final package is presented to the Minister for the Environment for her consideration and decision;
  • the Governor, on advice from the Executive Council, makes (or declines to make) the Regulation.

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