M&J shredder plays key role in transition to circular economy


The M&J 4000M shredder’s reputation is built on heavy-duty strength and reliability. It continues to play a key role in Australia’s transition to a circular economy.

Shredders are an important tool in the recycling and waste management sector, cutting waste and operating expenses down to size.

For the past 35 years, M&J Recycling, headquartered in Denmark, has produced robustly designed shredders specifically for the waste industry. And while technology, environmental regulations and waste streams continue to evolve, M&J has not compromised on its engineering quality. 

That adherence to quality is one reason why the M&J is the shredder of choice for serious waste operators who understand the whole of life cost and uptime in their operations, says Paul Doran, Tutt Bryant Equipment National Business Manager, Crushing and Screening.

He says the M&J 4000M will play a key role in helping Australia toward a circular economy. It’s why the 4000M is part of the wide range of waste products on offer from Tutt Bryant Equipment. 

Tutt Bryant Equipment is one of the largest multi-brand national distributors of construction equipment in Australia, distributing equipment, parts, and services to support the recycling, demolition, and waste industries. Since 2019, Tutt Bryant Equipment has been the exclusive national distributor of M&J Recycling mobile shredding equipment. 

Paul says the construction and demolition waste stream is where the M&J 4000M sets itself apart. 

“While many shredders on the market were born out of the forestry industry, the M&J was designed and purpose-built for tough waste applications,” Paul says.

“The M&J is at home with C&D waste, light gauge metal, whitegoods, municipal solid waste, large logs, all timber, green waste, tyres and even cars. This flexibility in managing different waste streams means it provides a very long serviceable life for its owners.”

The heavy-duty knives of the M&J 4000M are welded onto the shafts, meaning the machine is not out of operation for extended periods because small individual teeth or cutting combs need to be replaced. 

“The knives can last for weeks between maintenance events, depending on the abrasiveness of the waste,” Paul says. “That enables planned hard facing of the knives to suit the operation’s requirements.”

The knife designs can be tailored to several different applications and provide for cutting in both directions to optimise production, unlike some others that only cut in a single direction. 

The shafts rotate asynchronously, to ensure there is no wasted effort, and reverse when no load is detected – this throws the waste around in the hopper so the knives can grab.

The open cutting table allows for smaller particles to fall through for increased production of “free tonnes”. This simple design aspect ensures the fines do not contribute to the wear of the knives, shaft or cutting table. 

There are six programs to tailor shaft movement to specific applications to increase production or maximise product separation. The shafts have sensors to protect themselves should an unshreddable item enter the hopper. The operator can then view the item’s position using a hopper camera unique to M&J.

Paul says many owners use the shredders for size reduction to reduce air voids at landfills, thus extending the life of landfill, and ensuring transfer station payloads are optimised. This also results in less greenhouse gas emissions – greater densities of truckloads mean less vehicle on the roads.

All M&J shredders are equipped with M&J Performance, a digital solution that optimises operations through remote data monitoring of the shredder’s condition, performance, and maintenance needs.

With more than 1000 installations globally, the M&J reputation has been built on heavy-duty strength, reliability, and professional support. 

Paul is so confident of the shredder’s performance he’s happy to refer potential customers to existing customers directly to discuss. 

Stock units are also available for inspection.  

For more information, contact: paul.doran@tuttbryant.com.au

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