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Mobile Bins Australia supply high quality bins to industry

Jon Jupp of Trash N’ Stash Waste & Recycling has continued to work with Mobile Bin Australia over the years due to the company’s ability to offer a multipurpose and durable commercial-grade bin.

Jon Jupp, Trash N’ Stash Waste & Recycling Managing Director, knows all too well how important it is to invest in a durable, commercial-grade standard bin.

Jon has worked with leading bin supplier Mobile Bins Australia for more than a decade, but regularly communicates with other waste transportation contractors, who have experienced the pitfalls of working with inferior products.

“If the bin has weight on it, such as in a restaurant, or it’s not strong enough, a rear lift truck can rip the front out of it. It’s a common problem in the industry,” Jon explains.

“You could probably travel to any waste contractor in Australia and visit their depot and find damaged or broken bins. You won’t find any of the European grade bins that Mobile Bins Australia stocks in there.”

Mobile Bins Australia is a supplier of strengthened European standard bins to the construction, medical, local government and waste transportation sector. Trash N’ Stash Waste & Recycling uses its front lift, rear lift, hooks lift and skip lift trucks to transport waste across Victoria. Jon has continued to buy 120, 240, 660 and 1100-litre plastic bins, deploying them to commercial shops, factories and care facilities. The multipurpose bins are used for general waste, along with cardboard recycling and organics. Jon has been in the waste and recycling industry since 1984 and says over that time he has developed an eye for quality.

He says he continues to work with Mobile Bins Australia due to its competitive prices and prompt turnaround time.

“They deliver the bins directly to our depot. Mobile Bin Australia is one of few businesses in my experience that deliver bins themselves rather than using a courier,” Jon explains.

“It’s always a really fast turnaround from ordering bins to having them delivered. It’s quicker than anyone I’ve ever worked with in the past and delivered within a week.

Mobile Bins Australia offers a hot stamping service to its customers.
Mobile Bins Australia offers a hot stamping service to its customers.

“Sometimes with other bin companies, it can take weeks to receive a bin.”

Being a durable bin, Jon can use them for any application he requires. He says he is particularly drawn to the fact the bins are built to last, and is happy to pay more for such a product.

“They stock the strongest bins available in the market in Australia. We don’t have to replace the bins six to 12 months later – they last years.

“It’s not so much the mould or shape of the bin, it’s the ingredients in the plastic and design that provides strength and weight. That’s how they’re building a name for themselves.”

He was able to get his bin hot stamped by Mobile Bins Australia, which slows theft and saves money in having to brand each bin individually.

“It saves you having to have stickers made and stuck on the bins which can be easily peeled off or fall off. While they may only cost a couple of dollars, once you start putting them on hundreds of bins it adds up.”

Jon explains that he is able to turn to Mobile Bins Australia’s Managing Director Richard Smith should he encounter any issues.

“I believe business is all about friendships and I’ve worked with Richard for many years and never had a drama to pick up the phone if there is a problem and solve it quickly.”

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