MobileMuster Annual Report Shows Ongoing Progress

Old mobile phones
MobileMuster has published its 2014/15 Annual Report on its work around mobile phone recycling and reuse in Australia.

The mobile phone industry recycling program’s report highlights changes in consumer behaviour, collections, recycling and industry participation to keep old mobiles out of landfill over the past 12 months.

Over the past year, Mobile Muster amassed 74 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories, with the collection rate of available phones increasing to more than 54 per cent. The number of phones in storage still remains high at an estimated 22.5 million, nearly one for every person.

The report highlights that while people’s desire to keep their old mobile phones remains strong (over 60 per cent), the proportion of people with two or more unused phones at home has dropped, as has the estimated number of handsets stored at home, falling from 23.5 million to 22.5 million.

Rose Read, Recycling Manager at MobileMuster said: “This is a significant step in working towards creating a circular economy – a system where materials are put back into the supply chain for reuse; closing the loop so that no resource is wasted.”

The full annual report is available to download from the MobileMuster website.

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