MobileMuster Reminds Mobile Upgraders To Recycle

End of life mobile phones for recycling
To coincide with the latest iPhone launch, MobileMuster is reminding consumers to recycle their old phones when they upgrade.

The new iPhone 6S is available in stores across Australia from today (25 September). As most Australians upgrade their mobile phone every 18 to 24 months, it is expected that many of them will be buying Apple’s latest model.

To coincide with the new iPhone launch, the team at MobileMuster is encouraging people to recycle their old mobiles if they upgrade.

“Our research shows that many Australians are already holding on to at least one or more old phones as a back-up or because it has information on it they don’t know how to save or transfer,” said Rose Read, Recycling Manager, MobileMuster. “The reality is many of these stored phones will never be used and will just end up forgotten in the back of the drawer gathering dust.”

MobileMuster has over 4,000 public drop-off points around Australia for people to recycle their old mobile phones and their chargers for free. Since its recycling program started, over 1,160 tonnes of mobile phone components have been collected and recycled. However, it believes there are an estimated 22.5 million unwanted mobiles in homes around the country.



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