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Modernising the market: Komptech CEA and Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying

Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying’s Eric Davis speaks with Waste Management Review about the role of high-powered machinery in the circular economy resource chain. 

Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying is a family-owned business that’s been operating for over 45 years.

As the name suggests, the company originated in the quarrying business, however in recent decades has diversified, with its operations now centred around recycling.

Eric Davis, Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying CEO, explains that the company moved into concrete and brick recycling in 1989, before expanding into C&D, green waste and timber processing in the late 90s.

Today, Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying also works with glass, tyres and mattresses, recycling the material it receives into beneficial products for reuse.

The company’s product offering includes recycled sand, aggregate and road base, as well as a range of organic landscape products.

“We diversified into recycling out of a belief that it’s better to use recycled products than to take material from the land, and have continued along that trajectory ever since,” Davis says.

He notes growing emphasis on landfill reduction and the transition to a circular economy as the key drivers behind the company’s operations.

Operating out of NSW, Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying works with private companies, councils and the state government, and in recent years has been on a steady growth trajectory.

To support that growth, the company invested in a Komptech Terminator shredder earlier this year.

“We needed a machine that could handle steel contamination in our processing,” Davis says.

He jokes that contamination is his number one enemy, as it damages equipment and negatively impacts end-product purity.

As such, Davis and his team pre-shred their material through the Terminator before it’s sent for further processing, thereby minimising contamination and extending the working life of later-stage machines.

“The Terminator is great because it can handle contamination without damaging the machine,” Davis says.

“Plus, because Komptech is one of the leading manufactures of waste equipment in the world, I had confidence in the product – knowing that Komptech puts a lot of technical innovation into their equipment.”

As Davis Earthmoving and Quarrying processes a wide range of material, the Terminator’s ability to shred everything from C&D and mattresses to green waste and timber was another motivator behind the purchase.

Davis adds that Komptech CEA are always available with spare parts and technical support.

“We also run Diamond Z equipment, which CEA distributes, so I know that if I need a spare part CEA will source that part and get us back up and running with minimal downtime,” Davis says.

“Being a Komptech machine, we also know the Terminator will hold its resale value, which is an added benefit of the product.”

The heavy-duty, mobile shredder is powered by a choice of modern Tier 3 – Tier 5 CAT engines, which deliver 600 horsepower to the drum.

The direct drive drum, with load dependent speed control, creates maximum shredding force that can reverse at any time to prevent blockages, redistribute material or clean the drum.

The Terminator’s intelligent drum design also features robust teeth in a spiral arrangement for maximum cutting and tearing, while keeping shredded material consistent.

Additionally, the shredder features a remote-controlled hopper with a 3.4 metre feed opening into one of the largest shredding units on the market, facilitating fast and efficient operations.

Davis plans to buy more Terminators in the future, as his company further expands into the C&D processing market.

“We have over 100 pieces of plant and equipment at the moment, and we’re showing steady growth,” he says.

“We’re buying new equipment and also modernising our fleet – replacing old equipment with the latest in waste processing technology, and I expect Komptech to play a key role in that.”

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