Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper

The Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper is a compact, affordable and productive drum chipper designed with the biomass industry in mind. Equipped with the same internal drive perfected on Morbark’s horizontal grinders, along with an extra- wide feed opening, the 40/36 model is meant to “aggressively” feed brushy tops and limbs, quickly and effortlessly lling a chip van to maximum legal load capacity.

At the heart of the MicroChipper is Morbark’s 16-knife Advantage 3 Drum, which is meant to decrease downtime while providing higher-quality, more uniform Micro-Chips. The 16-knife Advantage 3 Drum can also be quickly and easily converted to an eight-knife unit to produce a standard chip.

The feed system, meanwhile, is more ef cient due to a staggered knife con guration and contains fewer moving parts, thus reducing maintenance. In unison with the Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS), it automatically adjusts feed rates and monitors pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine ef ciency.

The directional flow discharge chute is hydraulically adjustable by remote control for maximum chip loads. “The Morbark 40/36 Whole Tree MicroChipper is available as either a Wheeled or Tracked unit,” Morbark distributor, Lincom Group, explains, adding that “due to the versatility of the 16 Knife Advantage 3 Drum, and economy, due to low fuel consumption per tonne produced, the Morbark 40/36 MicroChipper is an ideal unit for any forward-thinking business within the Biomass Industry”.

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