MRA and Fertcare win grant to develop NSW compost market

Industrial compost handling
The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) has welcomed news that the partners are receiving $210,000 under the NSW Waste Less Recycle More Organics Market Development Grants Program.

The two firms have been awarded the funding for a project that aims to develop a “one stop shop” for farmers, sales staff and advisors in rural NSW relating to the productivity and environmental benefits of compost, as well as sales and supply.

The project will ensure that farmers who want to use compost to complement mineral fertilisers can access it through traditional rural retail outlets.

The project will provide information and establish sales incentives, similar to those operating for fertilisers, for rural agents to promote compost sales. Companies such as Elders, Landmark and CRT will be engaged under the program.

AORA is supporting the project. Its Executive Officer, Peter McLean, said: “We believe that the project will expand the marketing and use of recycled organic products across NSW.”

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