MWRRG research to inform statewide recycling procurement

Victoria’s Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) is leading a statewide collaborative procurement for processing kerbside recycling, in partnership with six regional waste and resource recovery groups on behalf of 79 local councils.

According to a MWRRG statement, the procurement will deliver facilities for the processing of kerbside recycling with capacity and security for the future.

The procurement will be informed by an analysis of the current state of the recycling market across Victoria and an assessment of capacity and future demand in each region.

“This process will help us understand where new recycling infrastructure could be located to maximise efficiencies and benefits to the state,” the statement reads.

Alongside this research, MWRRG are engaging with councils and key stakeholders to develop the procurement strategy.

“Our collaborative procurement approach offers large volumes of waste and recycling to the market, delivering economies of scale and greater certainty for industry,” the statement reads.

“This will help drive investment and transparency, open the market to more players and reduce our reliance on international markets. ”

The procurement is funded by the Recycling Industry Strategic Plan and will help deliver the recycling infrastructure and household recycling reform objectives of Recycling Victoria.

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