New ABRI Code For Managing Old Batteries

End of life batteries
Members of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI) have committed to a new Code of Conduct to promote the responsible management of end-of-life batteries.

Compliance with the new Code is a condition of membership. It includes commitments to product stewardship, workplace health and safety, chain of custody responsibility for used batteries, and regulatory compliance.

In signing up to the Code, ABRI members acknowledge their shared responsibility for the recovery and management of used batteries at end of life.

Depending on the member’s nature of business, their responsibilities may include:
• taking back used batteries from customers for recycling;
• supporting existing systems for the collection and recycling of used batteries; and
• working in other ways to promote or enhance existing systems for battery recycling by working to state and national regulations around hazardous waste and occupational health and safety.

More information is available on the ABRI website.

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