New ERF measure to keep FOGO out of landfill

New ERF measure to keep FOGO out of landfill

The Federal Government is aiming to reduce organic waste in landfill by introducing a new ‘method’ under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) to benefit organisations that deal with food or garden waste.

Businesses can now seek support from the Australian Government for projects that keep greenhouse gas-producing organic waste out of landfill.

The Source Separated Organic Waste method incentivises activities that aim to reduce the more than 6.6 million tonnes of organic waste, including food and garden waste, which goes to landfill each year. Local councils, retailers, charities, hospitality businesses, manufacturers, waste processors and composting facilities will be able to take advantage of this new method.

It covers new projects that separate organic material from other waste types and divert it away from landfill to eligible alternative treatments such as composting. In landfill, organic waste breaks down to release methane, a potent greenhouse gas which contributes considerably to climate change.

The current list of methods is available on the ComLaw website. More information about the ERF is available on the Department of the Environment website.