New model BOMAG compactor to enter the market

Bomag compactor

The Australian waste management industry is about to be shaken up with the arrival of a monster BOMAG compactor. 

“With a mighty 58 tonnes in weight, the BOMAG BC 1173 RB-5 is one of the newest landfill compactors in our fleet,” says John Glossat. “Five of these beasts will be reaching Australian shores shortly.”

Tutt Bryant Equipment has distributed BOMAG in Australia since the two companies partnered in 1986. John Glossat, the Tutt Bryant National Business Development Manager, is enthusiastic about what BOMAG’s latest offering can offer Australian landfill operators.

The landfill compactor has many convincing design features that have been tried and tested over decades of practical use on landfill sites. With a philosophy based on quality, it is up to the challenge of working on modern landfill sites.

“When it comes down to it, the best compaction results are achieved when the material is evenly distributed,” says John.

“Compaction is a significant contributor to the lifetime of any landfill. Not only that, but every additional cubic metre filled is money in the bank for waste disposal sites.”

The BOMAG BC 1173 RB-5

The BOMAG BC 1173 RB-5 refuse compactor offers power and efficiency. Its intelligent design produces cost-effective compaction with minimum maintenance work. The high-output diesel engine provides ample power for all conditions.

BOMAG emphasises sustainability. In conjunction with the latest engine technology, the cooling system enables the BC 1173 RB-5 to operate quietly and provide a good working environment for the operator and the surrounding area.

The unit uses polygon disc wheels fitted with premium teeth for crushing, kneading and effective compaction to depth. An oscillating articulation joint provides good load distribution to the compaction wheels, while scrapers and wire cutters guarantee clean wheels during operation. The offset wheels ensure gaps in the covered area are closed evenly on a second pass.

There is enough diesel power fitted with a Cummins X15 engine as Tier 3 or Stage V to provide power for all conditions, while lower fuel consumption means lower operating costs. 

According to BOMAG, Eco Mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 30 per cent, and lower engine speeds minimise wear on drive components. This can extend the machine’s and its parts’ life.

“We also offer an option to have the machine fitted with a Mercedes Benz MTU OM473LA Stage V Tier 4f if preferred,” John says.

Safe, smart, comfortable

The compactors come equipped with a range of standard safety features, including a rear-view camera with colour display, a ROPS/FOPS cabin with all-around safety glass, and large electronically adjustable mirrors.

John also likes the spacious BC 1173 RB-5 cabin, which features air conditioning, heating, an adjustable seat with air-cushioned suspension, and is well-sealed for safety and noise reduction.

“It’s more comfortable than the lounge suite at home,” he says. “The display is brilliant, easy to read, and the controller layout is great. Everything’s at your fingertips.”

The machine has innovative features, including telematics, cruise control, and BOMAG Autoblade and Blade Stepper. These allow for the precise adjustment of dozer blade height to meet landfill requirements. They also enable frequently used blade positions to be saved and retrieved anytime, streamlining operation.

“The basis for a landfill’s profitability is the optimum use of capacity, which you achieve through the best possible compaction of all waste materials,” John says. “BOMAG compactors get this right because they’ve been specifically designed by people who understand the extreme conditions found on landfill sites.”

The Australian experience

Over the past few years, Tutt Bryant has mainly imported its compactors with premium teeth into Australia. The goal is to support crushing, compliance delivery, and longevity on wear. They have been a proven asset.

Tutt Bryant Equipment is a premium BOMAG national dealer in Australia that focuses on its customers’ needs. It features strong after-sales support and parts and services to keep its fleet rolling.

John says: “We are specialised, trained, and going the extra mile.”

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