New permeable pavement set to be trailed in Melbourne

New permeable pavement to be trailed in Melbourne

A new project through Sustainability Victoria’s Sustainable Infrastructure Fund and in partnership with the University of Melbourne, will trial a new permeable pavement in Clifton Hill.

This pavement, developed by The University of Melbourne, is made from around 70 per cent recycled tyres, sourced from a local Victorian facility, as well as recycled glass and rock particles to give it the strength needed to sustain the weight of cars and other vehicles.

The construction of the permeable surface will help to divert these materials away from landfill.

By using the new technology, the City of Yarra will aim to improve waterway health, better support tree growth in Yarra, and reduce waste.

Construction starts March 2022 and over the following two years the performance of the permeable pavement will be monitored.


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