New $1.5m plant to tackle Tasmanian tyre problem

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Australia’s largest tyre recycler Tyrecycle and leading Tasmanian landscape supplier Barwick’s have joined forces on a landmark solution to deal with end-of-life tyres in Tasmania.

Barwick’s Landscape Supplies has invested $1.5 million to build a purpose-built facility at Bridgewater, on the outskirts of Hobart, supported by $144,000 from the Federal Government’s Tasmania Jobs and Investment Fund.

The new facility is large enough to deal with most of the 450,000 end-of-life tyres Tasmania produces annually and can be expanded to meet demand if needed.

Barwick’s will collect the waste tyres on behalf of Tyrecycle from its 12 retail sites, undertaking primary shredding of the rubber material at its new tyre recycling centre.

The material will then be transported to Tyrecycle’s processing plant in Melbourne, where it will be re-purposed for use in fuel, civil engineering materials, building and automotive products and other rubber surfaces.

Tasmania has one of the largest stockpiles of tyres in Australia at Longford, a problem compounded by a lack of practical tyre recycling options in the state.

The new agreement between Tyrecycle and Barwick’s Landscape Supplies is focused on delivering an industry-led zero waste to landfill solution.

“It will ensure the most environmentally sound approach to recycling, with no waste tyres collected from our retail customers going to landfill or stockpiles,” Tyrecycle CEO Jim Fairweather said.

“It gives retailers a genuine choice for supporting positive environmental outcomes and we’re delighted that most of the major retailers have come on board.”

Tyrecycle receives 13.5 million tyres annually and the majority of those are processed within 24 hours of reaching one of its facilities. The company is accredited by Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) and is a founding member of the Australian Tyre Recyclers Association (ATRA), both of which have welcomed the new partnership.

Barwick’s has a long history of recycling organic waste in Tasmania. Director Tyronn Barwick said this expansion sits well with its desire to be part of solutions that are both good for business and the environment, and will bring enormous benefits to the state.

“This partnership delivers a great solution for everyone – it sees investment in Tasmania but draws upon the expertise of Australia’s most experienced and highly regarded tyre recycler,” Mr Barwick said.

“To be able to contribute to the long-term recycling and reuse of waste tyre products, while providing local jobs and much needed economic development, is a win-win.”

Bridgestone, Bob Jane T-Marts, Kmart Tyre & Auto and Jax Quickfit are retailers supporting the new partnership.

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