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New products target organics recycling industry

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Manufacturer EDGE Innovate launched two new products at COMPOST 2022, the world’s largest compositing event – the EDGE TRM831, the biggest trommel EDGE has produced to date, and the uniquely designed FTS Radial.

The EDGE TRM831 wheel-mounted trommel has an operating length of 31.2 metres and a total weight of 37 tonnes. It offers high production rates with extensive stockpiling capacities thanks to an end discharge conveyor design and remote 180° radial fines conveyor. With a 2.3 X 9.3m-long drum and a hopper capacity of 12m³, the TRM831 provides excellent screening.

The EDGE TRM831 portable trommel has been designed to provide high-capacity screening across various applications including topsoil, compost, sand and household waste.

An Eco-Power Saving Mode automatically reduces engine speed to idle when not processing material for a set period and a user-friendly HMI control panel allows easy adjustment of machine parameters.

EDGE states that high production rates of the TRM831 are maintained because of an intelligent load management system which prevents drum overload and ensures that the trommel screen is always operating at optimum performance with minimal supervision. The EDGE TRM831 is also available with a direct electric power source configuration.

A wireless remote with an operating distance of up to 100 metres gives the operator control over engine and feeder speed, screening angle, tipping grid cycles and full control of the radial fines conveyor including radial functionality and discharge height adjustment.

EDGE’s largest wheel-mounted trommel is fitted with a tri-axle bogie complete with fifth wheel hook-up and air brakes. Transportation between sites is easy with redeployment taking a matter of minutes thanks to hydraulic folding discharge conveyors and chassis jacklegs.

Also turning heads at the exhibition was the new EDGE FTS Radial, which the company believes will set new standards in the turning, blending and stockpiling of organic material. A unique concept from EDGE Innovate; the FTS Radial is a portable feed stacker that is specifically designed for processing lower density, organic materials such as mulch, compost and soils.

The EDGE FTS Radial direct fed stacker is also available with an aggregate style hopper, allowing operators to increase their stockpile holding capacity or to efficiently load vessel and barges. Additional options include, a two-deck vibrating live head, over-band magnet, wireless remote functionality and radio controlled reject grid.

When set up for processing organic material, the FTS Radial has been proven to optimise the conditions of biological decomposition, allowing compost windrows to release excess heat, aerate and untangle. EDGE states that its unique design ensures 100 per cent of the feed stock sees the turner – a process not possible with traditional windrow turners.

Both products will be available this year via EDGE Innovate’s Australian distributor, FOCUS enviro.

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