New report highlighting low emission transition

VIC Gov launches $16.4M Circular Economy-Accelerator project

The CEFC has identified a potential investment pipeline of as much as $7.8 billion to 2025 across Australia’s waste, bioenergy, recycling and resource recovery sectors.

The investment would further support the industry in terms of economic, employment and emissions benefits.

The investment is also expected to generate thousands of jobs across rural and regional Australia and drive down emissions from landfill by as much as 60 per cent.

The five-year investment outlook is part of a new CEFC report, Energising resource recovery: the Australian opportunity.

The report considered the role of resources and energy in Australia’s efforts to transition to a low emission economy.

Highlights of the report include:

The creation of up to 9000 construction jobs, 2600 indirect jobs and as many as 1400 direct and ongoing jobs

Generate between $4 billion and $7.8 billion in new investment in the period to 2025

CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth said the report emphasises the need for changes in energy and resource distribution.

“Australia’s recycling and resource recovery sector is undergoing considerable transformation, driven by global market pressures, evolving consumer preferences and an increasing focus on reducing our carbon footprint,” Learmonth said.

The report was developed with global engineering and consultancy leader Arup.

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