New report reveals impact of recycling packaging

A new report has provided an insight into consumer behaviour within the industry, revealing that 76 per cent of Australian’s believing that recycling is the most positive thing they can do for the environment.

The importance of recycling packaging has also been highlighted by the report, with 51 per cent of consumers saying that they rely on recycling packaging labels for information regarding products.

The report, Australasian Recycling Label Consumer Insights Report 2021 by the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) and Planet Ark intended to better understand the minds of consumers and customers, along with their behaviour and actions.

Rebecca Gilling, Planet Ark Deputy CEO, said the report will highlight the importance of recycling packaging labels to influence greater levels of recycling in the community.

“We’re really encouraged to see how passionate Australians are about recycling and developing positive recycling behaviours. Product packaging is the first place that Australians look for recycling information and this tells us that if products display accurate and easy to follow recycling instructions, consumers will be able to recycle with greater confidence,” Gilling said.

Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) has now been developed into an essential communication tool for customers, with the report showing that awareness of the label has grown by over 16 per cent in the general population.

One in five Australians indicated that they would recycle more if the ARL was included on an increased number of products.

Brooke Donnelly, APCO CEO, said the importance of the ARL is growing throughout the industry.

“Everyone, including industry, government and consumers, is vital to creating cleaner waste streams in Australia, while understanding attitudes and beliefs is crucial to getting everyone to recycle more and to recycle better,” Donnelly said.


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