New Samsung phone launch prompts recycling message

MobileMuster Recycling Manager Spyro Kalos
MobileMuster is taking advantage of the latest Samsung mobile phone launch to encourage people to recycle their old mobile phones.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress yesterday (21 February. As most Australians upgrade their mobile every 18 to 24 months, and many would be upgrading to this latest iteration, MobileMuster took the opportunity to urge Australian consumers to recycle their old mobiles when they buy a new mobile. 

The product stewardship program is managed by the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) on behalf of its members, which include Samsung. It aims is divert old mobiles from landfill and ensure they are recycled safely, securely and ethically.

MobileMuster Recycling Manager, Spyro Kalos, said: “Of course we want to see people using their current handset until the end of its useful life, or if they don’t want it anymore, either pass it onto someone else to reuse, trade it in, resell it or recycle it with MobileMuster.”

MobileMuster’s most recent research shows that many Australians are already holding on to at least one or more old phones as a back-up, because it has information on it they don’t know how to save or transfer, or due to data security concerns.

Since the MobileMuster recycling program started, more than 1,160 tonnes of mobile phone components have been collected and recycled, but its recent report estimated that there are over 22.5 million unwanted mobiles in homes all around Australia. 

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