New self-service textile collection in Aus

A new streamlined self-service digital textile collection service has been launched in Australia.

Parcel delivery service CouriersPlease (CP) and sustainable sock company Manrags have partnered to launch a direct-to-consumer textile collection service that can be booked online by the customer.

The new program is offered on the Manrags website and is powered by CP’s self-service returns solution, Boomerang, where consumers can directly book and schedule a pick-up of their old textiles from their front door at a time of their choosing.

Around 60,000 tonnes of unusable donations to charities in Australia are sent to landfill each year, with over $13 million spent in waste management by charity and opportunity shops alone.

Every kilogram of goods kept out of landfill through recycling and reuse prevents 3-4kg of greenhouse gasses polluting the air.

Manrags has kept more than 30 tonnes of clothing out of landfill to date, through its textile recycling program, and during the height of the pandemic received more than 20 tonnes of textiles in just six weeks.

Through the CP partnership, Manrags will be fast-tracking its textile recycling program and has set the bold challenge to prevent 500,000kg of greenhouse gas emissions by 2022.

The Manrags and CP partnership removes any potential barriers between consumers recycling and reusing goods, such as charities not accepting donations or not for re-use items, through the self-service Boomerang portal.

In addition to the digital textile recycling partnership, CP is rolling out a textile recycling point at all manned depots around the country.

Paul Roper, Chief Commercial Officer at CP, said the company is striving to make all aspects of its business greener.

“Boomerang makes the recycling process easy for Australian households to have their preloved textiles collected without needing to leave home,” he said.

“Aussies simply pack up their items in a box, no bigger than a suitcase and no more than 10kg, and a CP franchisee collects it from their door,

“We believe the ease of Boomerang will encourage households to give used items a second life and look towards programs such as the Manrags initiative as a way they can help our environment.”

Michael Elias, Founder and Managing Director of Manrags, told Waste Management Review that textile waste is an enormous issue.

“It’s disappointing to see this as not a focus yet even though we Aussies are the second highest consumer per capita,” he said.

“On average, each Australian purchases 27kg of textiles per annum and discards of 23kg. 95 per cent of this could have been reused, repurpose, recycled.”

Elias said there’s no reason for clothing, shoes and linen to end up in landfill now as its created a fast and seamless pick-up experience for households.

“We then sort through the items and allow charities to access anything in good condition, while the remaining items are prepared for repurposing,” he said.

For instance, jeans can be made into tote bags and aprons, recycled to create new yarn or shredded to create insulation or stuffing for pet beds.

“At Manrags, we have set the goal to prevent 500,000kg of greenhouse gas emissions by 2022. Together with CP and their Boomerang service, we believe we can achieve this goal and take giant steps to eradicate textile waste in Australia,” Elias said.

Elias told Waste Management Review

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