New VIC Waste Education Strategy aims to protect environment

A father embraces recycling education with his child
The Victorian Environment Minister launched the new state Waste Education Strategy at an industry event in Ballarat last Friday.

Lily D’Ambrosio unveiled the state-wide plan to waste and recycling sector educators and local and state government representatives at a two-day conference hosted by Sustainability Victoria (SV) and the Grampians Central West Waste and Resource Recovery Group on 26 August.

SV developed the Victorian Waste Education Strategy in partnership with communities, councils and the waste industry. The collaboration in the project demonstrated the need for shared responsibility to increase the efficacy of education by using the best techniques and behavioural insights.

The plan focuses on helping Victorians to divert more waste from landfill, reduce the amount of waste generated and boost recycling.

Commenting on the strategy, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said: “This about helping protect the environment by keeping more waste out of landfill through increasing recycling, reducing contamination and minimising the amount of waste people generate.

“Our strategy also aims to help ensure industry is engaging with communities in the most effective way about decisions on waste and resource recovery infrastructure that may impact them,” she added.

The 10-year strategy seek to prioritise:

  • Understanding of community attitudes and perceptions towards waste services and infrastructure
  • Delivery of programs to tackle food waste (for example, organic waste)
  • Improving resource recovery, for example, behaviour change and supporting local interventions to address contamination issues
  • Reducing litter and illegal dumping, including industrial waste.

Underpinned by a $2 million investment in waste diversion activities from the Victorian Government, SV will lead the implementation of the new strategy at the same time as the Victorian Market Development Strategy for Recovered Resources and the Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy.

The strategy is available to view on the SV website.

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