Not just another oil company: Gulf Western Oil

Not just another oil company: Gulf Western Oil

Peter McColl of Gulf Western Oil explores the role of effective lubrication towards the development of a more sustainable and robust waste sector.

While the full ramifications of COVID-19 are not yet fully understood, conversations around post-pandemic recovery are largely focused on building on-shore manufacturing and domestic markets.

In the waste and resource recovery sector, much of this discussion has centred on building new facilities and processing capacity.

According to Peter McColl of Gulf Western Oil (GWO), while this macro focus is important, building a sustainable and resilient waste sector also requires a micro approach.

He explains that without steady machine operations on the ground, large scale facility investments might fall short of their intended objectives.

GWO has been supplying lubricant solutions to waste and recycling facilities for over 30 years, and in the process, has developed an extensive range of purpose-built products for various applications within the sector.

As one of the largest Australian owned lubricant manufacturers, GWO operate a comprehensive distribution network throughout Australia and the Pacific Rim.

“The waste sector, as with all industries, relies on its machinery to ensure efficient operations, and that requires lubrication,” McColl says.

“That is what GWO does every day – we work hard to constantly improve the longevity and service times of operators equipment.”

McColl adds that lubricants are often first off the mark when budget cuts are made, which is a common mistake.

“Lubricant replenishment costs are relatively minor when compared to the initial infrastructure cost, and the expense and consequences of unplanned equipment failure will not only be inconvenient, but can lead to a greater environmental footprint,” he explains.

“A major emphasis for GWO is to provide waste and recycling plants less downtime of machinery by creating longer lasting, higher load bearing products. The intention is to enable recycling plants to operate as efficiently as possible by protecting machinery life and saving clients money.”

GWO offer a range of five different hydraulic blends, with more than 30 different grades carried in stock.

“In fact, we have 88 different part numbers specific to hydraulic applications and our laboratory can custom formulate blends to specific customer applications,” McColl says.

Furthermore, GWO offer unique products such as a Super Clean Hydraulic cleaner, which removes varnishes and other foreign matter from hydraulic systems to extend service life.

“Beyond these initiatives, GWO also make environmentally sound products. We have a large range of biodegradable hydraulic fluid,” McColl says.

McColl highlights the Gulf Western Biodraulic range, which is a series of hydraulic fluids designed to operate under high operating temperatures and extended service applications.

“The range provides superior oxidation resistance, allowing longer service life and a very high natural viscosity index, which means that the oil remains more constant in viscosity across a wider temperature range as found in high-stress applications.”

Extending the range is Superdraulic Indestructible, the first of its kind within the Australian market to offer a 6000-hour oil life, McColl says.

He adds that the product is formulated with full synthetic base oil technology, the latest ultra-sheer stable viscosity modifiers and enhanced levels of anti-wear and antioxidants. Superdraulic Hi Temp is another product in GWO’s range of premium grade, high viscosity index, anti-wear hydraulic oils.

“The range has been formulated for use in hydraulic power or control systems, either mobile or stationary, which are subject to temperature extremes, or are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature,” he says.

With an array of equipment including gearboxes, pumps, chains, blowers, compressors, slides and guides, McColl says it’s important to get lubrication right. He adds that this is especially significant in severely corrosive environments such as those common to the waste industry.

“Our diesel family includes Top Dog Indestructible, a heavy-duty diesel engine oil containing the latest in indestructible additive technology designed to protect high-powered, heavy-duty diesel engines,” he says.

“The unique formulation contains performance enhancing and superior wear protection technology that exceeds the requirements of the current lubricant specifications. This allows improved efficiencies.”

Striving to stand out from their competitors, GWO offer next day delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’s greater metropolitan areas. The company also operate a night shift service, meaning orders can be taken and processed up to 9pm for next day delivery.

“Our five warehouses located across Australia are fully stocked with millions of litres of lubricants ready for dispatch. GWO strives to offer un-paralleled service to our customers and make doing business with us as seamless and easy as possible.”

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