NSW announces 20-year waste strategy

New South Wales - waste strategy - 40 years - NSW

The New South Wales Government has released the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041, along with the NSW Plastics Action Plan.

The strategy consists of important targets to help the state government transition to a circular economy.

National Waste and Resource Industry Council (NWRIC) CEO, Rose Read, said the strategy aims to clarify major waste targets and how they could be achieved.

“The Strategy has aligned its targets with the National Waste Action Plan, notably reaching an 80 per cent resource recovery rate by 2030 and reducing total waste generation by 10 per cent,” Read said.

Under the proposed strategy, a five-yearly review of the waste outline will be conducted.

Read said the strategy to reduce the impact of harmful plastics from production was a welcome addition.

“The focus on phasing out problematic single-use plastics by 2025 is welcomed, as is the target of 30 per cent plastic litter reduction by 2025, and the goal to triple the plastics recycling rate by 2030. This focus on plastics is long overdue,” she said.

Further support for state infrastructure was included in the strategy, with the NSW Government stating that an “early priority will be to ensure there is a pipeline of residual waste management infrastructure”.

Also included in the strategy were plans to fund a new joint procurement facilitation service for the collection and processing of household bin waste.


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