NSW announces $356M investment to tackle plastic waste

NSW EPA - plastic waste - investment

Single-use plastics are set to be phased out and green bins for food and organics will be rolled out across New South Wales as part of the state’s plastic plan and waste strategy.

More than $356 million will be invested over five years to implement strategies to protect the environment from plastic waste and promote recycling.

The phasing out is expected to stop an estimated 2.7 billion items of plastic from ending up in the environment over the 20 years.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the strategy will also support the states’ goal of achieving zero emissions from organics in landfill by 2030.

“The community has high expectations, and we need to make sure we put in place the best plans for the future while also giving businesses and councils enough time to adjust to the phase-outs and find sustainable alternatives,” she said.

Small businesses will be supported to transition to the new bins before the phaseouts come into effect.

A state-wide education program is also set to be rolled out to provide households with information regarding the phase out and introduction of the new bins.

Local councils are being supported by a $206 million investment which will allow for funding to implement the changes. The investment also includes $65 million to support the rollout of the green bins.

For information regarding the plan, click here.


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