NSW Budget boosts EPA and CDS funding

A display of Australian money
The 2016-17 New South Wales Budget has allocated extra funds to protect the environment and support the implementation of the container deposit scheme.

Announced on 21 June, the Budget has earmarked $50 million to the State’s environment and heritage programs, bringing total funding to a record $1.7 billion.

This investment will go towards projects including keeping the State’s environmental watchdog strong, and preparing and adapting for climate change.

In terms of environmental protection, $175 million has been allocated to the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure it continues to operate as a “modern, independent and respected regulator”.

The Budget includes $67 million towards transforming waste management in NSW and increased education around better waste management practices.

In addition, there is $2.8 million towards introducing a container deposit scheme, which is due to launch in July 2017.

The Environmental Trust has also been allocated $100 million to support programs that enable the community,   industry   and   agencies   to   protect   the   environment through restoration, research and education.

Commenting on the Budget announcement, Environment and Heritage Minister Mark Speakman said: “This year’s budget shows the NSW Government puts its money where its mouth is on conservation and environmental protection.”

More details of the NSW Budget 2016-17 are available on the official Budget website.

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