NSW EPA releases compost tutorial

NSW - EPA - Compost - Tutorial

The New South Wales (NSW) EPA has released a tutorial, educating participants on the processes involved in organic waste collection.

The 15-minute training video aims to educate the public, council officers and other professionals how organic waste is processed.

The Composting for Professionals video will act as a resource for people who wish to understand more about what happens to food and garden organics after they have been collected at the kerbside.

The content for the video will be derived from the EPA’s online Compost Facility Management course, which will summarise key elements such as compost science, processing technologies, regulations and licensing and application to land.

EPA Organics Manager, Amanda Kane, said the resource will compile useful information into a quick and accessible resource for the public.

“We’ve condensed a detailed 8-module training course into a 15-minute video to give people working in the organics space a snapshot of everything they need to know about the processes and rules governing FOGO in NSW,” Kane said.

“The video builds on the EPA’s commitment to reduce waste to landfill, decrease emissions from organics, improve compost quality and support a healthy, economically viable organics industry.”

The video can be viewed here.


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