Landfills reopen after COVID-19 shutdown

Waste and recycling operations in New South Wales, including landfills, Community Recycling Centres, Return and Earn points, and charitable recyclers, can reopen to the public following lengthy COVID-19 closures.

Services were closed during the state’s strict lockdown as it battled a third wave of COVID-19.

Following updated government advice this week, operators can assess their own circumstances and make decisions about re-opening some or all waste services to their communities, according to NSW Environment Protection Authority.

The Return and Earn network will open in regional NSW and network operator TOMRA Cleanaway is developing a plan for a staged reopening of return points across Greater Sydney in the coming weeks.

Sites which do open must have clear messaging to the public to discourage attendance at a facility if they are sick or feel unwell and a QR code for visitor check in / check out.

COVIDSafe plans must consider appropriate storing, processing, transporting and disposing of waste, with a focus on high-risk activities.

EPA said licence holders will continue to notify the EPA of pollution incidents and compliance issues.

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