Orez Solutions: Tailored systems for waste recycling and recovery

waste recycling systems

Orez Solutions exists to help minimise the amount of waste in landfills by delivering bespoke waste management solutions. Its remedies don’t just focus on reducing waste but on turning it into byproducts that have utility and value. 

Orez was established three years ago as a division of Construction Equipment Australia (CEA). 

CEA is a national capital equipment distribution business, working with brands such as JCB, Atlas Copco, Dynapac, Ditch Witch and Komptech. 

The company recently rebranded the Environmental Solutions division to Orez, a name that embodies a dedication to a sustainable future of zero waste.

As such, Orez provides an end-to-end service offering. It starts with preliminary and detailed design, facility construction and commissioning, through to ongoing service and maintenance. The team at Orez helps clients to create a circular economy. It’s a situation where all types of waste are recovered or repurposed as far as possible.

Sean Galdermans is the General Manager of Orez and has been involved in the industry for more than 10 years.

“At Orez, we exist to help minimise the amount of waste that ends up in landfill,” Sean says. “We are not just providing solutions. We’re creating a movement towards a cleaner, healthier planet.”

One place, one provider

Orez offers a one-stop shop, providing a diverse range of products and services under one roof. It provides exclusive access to leading equipment and technologies, meaning clients only need to deal with a single provider who will take full accountability for solution delivery.

“Being a CEA business means Orez can leverage CEA’s extensive national infrastructure and resources in its customer offerings,” says Sean. 

“Orez is also closely supported by CEA’s extensive distribution network of more than seven branches, 70 dealer outlets, and more than 300 employees to ensure the highest standards when it comes to supporting the needs of its customer base. CEA (and Orez) are part of the CFC group of companies.”

A holistic solution

waste recycling systems
Developing customised solutions for its clients ensures Orez provides the best technology for the problems at hand.

By understanding its clients’ challenges, Orez can develop tailored proposals. These include designs that integrate its leading products seamlessly to deliver a comprehensive solution to meet customer requirements. Orez is among the leading experts in the industry, being fully across the technologies and equipment it represents and integrates. 

Sean says that Orez’s expertise helps solve customer challenges. It also provides insights into potential solutions and technologies they didn’t even know existed.

“Being able to provide an end-to-end service offering has created a lot of interest from the industry,” adds Darren Quin, Business Development Manager. “Helping our clients create a circular economy where all types of waste streams are recovered or repurposed, as far as is technologically possible ,is also gaining momentum. Being really interested in what happens to the material after we’ve sorted it is a different approach. This is new and exciting.”

Sustainable solutions

Orez is driven by its desire to create ever more sustainable waste management practices. That’s why it partners with global leaders in waste management technology and manufacturing.

“It’s these partners, combined with our operating experience and in-house expertise, that means Orez can offer a one-stop shop for solutions,” Sean says. “Organisations work with us to improve their diversion from landfills, and we help them to achieve their sustainability goals.”

There has been a change in attitude towards construction and demolition (C&D) waste streams within Australia. These streams represent a store of valuable resources for a vast array of industries.

“C & D waste is more than a resource,” says Michael McConnell, Orez Business Development Manager. “It is a key raw material with greater economic autonomy to decarbonise strategic sectors. It has a diverse material composition that requires tailor-made sorting facilities.”

Orez has seen new and improved technology enter the market in response to stringent requirements of its end users. These technologies include NIR (near infrared) sorting, ballistic separation and densiometric separators. All these devices are suitable for dealing with and separating a various array of materials with different densities.

“These are all available and easily integrated into C&D sorting systems,” Michael says. “It makes sorting C&D waste streams far more efficient, cleaner and safer for personnel.”

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) enabled machines and robotic recycling equipment are viewed by Orez as the next technological step in waste management. They have enormous potential to revolutionise how the industry handles waste and manages resources.

“Some of the benefits of AI include automated sorting,” Sean says. 

“It can improve the efficiency of the recycling process, detect the materials that make up an object, increase sorting accuracy and improve recycling rates.”  

For more information, visit: orez.com.au

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