Organics recycling sector meets to plan for future

Stakeholders working in organic recycling and composting came together at Sustainability Victoria’s offices on Wednesday for a seminar on sector trends and planning for the future.

The Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) Victoria Members Meeting featured guest speakers from the organic certification, biodegradable plastics and market development backgrounds to update attendees on developments affecting their sector.

Peter Hastie, Operations Manager for the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, provided an overview of the background and requirements for certification of organic products, especially around producing compost. He also shared how the market is flourishing for organically-produced goods, starting with the soil quality.

Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director Frank Glatz presented on the sustainability of packaging, and his company’s work to produce and promote the use of its compostable bags to support the diversion of organics from landfill.

Bruce Howden, Manager – Market Development for Sustainability Victoria, shared more information on SV’s plans and work to support organics recycling in Victoria. The agency is undertaking a Sustainable Markets projects to drive market demand for quality compost, which will in turn drive the need and impetus to divert more organic waste from landfill. This follows the publication of its Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy this past September.

To wrap up the meeting, AORA Executive Officer Peter McLean shared details of the association’s growth over the past year, including details of new sponsors, and encouraged companies within the sector to join the membership.

AORA is exhibiting at Waste Management In Action 5-7 May and its annual national conference will be held in Sydney 3-5 August.

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