Orwak TOM 1040

Orwak TOM 1040

Orwak’s TOM is the latest multi-tasking waste compaction system for public spaces to hit the market.


Measuring at a similar size of a conventional waste bin, TOM’s hidden, integral compactor compresses the waste it takes in. This allows for up to seven times the waste to be deposited before the bag is full and needs to be changed. The increased volume saves on cleaners’ time, so they can be freed up to work on other jobs.

Compacted waste also results in less volume to transport, meaning lower transportation costs and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

TOM’s modem-based communication system sends the administrator a SMS or email when the bin is full or if it needs maintenance, providing additional staff efficiencies.

TOM was designed for optimal performance in areas with high foot traffic and lots of people, such as airports, railway stations, arenas and food courts. Due to its built-in sensor, TOM identifies when a low traffic period is approaching and then during that time compresses the garbage and keeps it compacted.

The unit’s door works via a radar motion sensor, opening automatically as someone approaches, meaning touch-free and hygienic disposal of waste. The shutter can also be programmed to stay open during peak times.

To allow cleaners to easily monitor how full TOM is, the unit incorporates an easy- to-read LED status indicator, which is easy to see from a distance.

Suited to indoor or undercover locations with power, the TOM compactor bin is currently being trialled by large shopping centres, among others. They are supplied in Australia by Telford Smith Engineering.