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Partnering with R Cavill Holdings to deliver final stages of new Cavpower facility in Gepps Cross

Ahrens demonstrate leadership in the delivery of waste and recycling solutions, with state-of-the-art Humes StormTrap system.

The waste and recycling sector has been a key industry for Ahrens, with the leading construction company having decades of experience in driving home the successful delivery of waste and recycling support infrastructure across the nation.

Having completed $35 million worth of works on their new Gepps Cross facility over the past eight years, R Cavill Holdings returned to Ahrens for a $4 million civil package – with part of this involving the installation of a bespoke Hume StormTrap system, which is an underground stormwater detention and infiltration tank with the ability to detain 1.7 million litres of water.

The StormTrap system provides a fully trafficable, below-ground and on-site detention system, and has many environmental benefits – falling in line with Ahrens’ commitment to support projects that lessen their impact on their environment and create a brighter future for all.

Some key benefits to the installation of this StormTrap system include its ability to manage and control the volume and discharge timing of the runoff stormwater stored in large underground chambers, before being released at a controlled rate in order to minimise harmful results such as erosion and flooding.

The system also allows water to efficiently be released into the native soil, reducing the volume of stormwater runoff discharged from the site to help meet low impact development goals.

It provides a large infiltrative surface area that allows water to be recharged back into the soil while preserving the land above for car parking space.

Ahrens always think of the most sustainable practices to apply to their projects in order to protect the natural environment.

This is demonstrated through a strong portfolio of past works such as waste and recycling depot infrastructure, large recovery and recycling facilities, waste recycling facilities, waste recovery and processing facilities, as well as recycled glass manufacturing facilities.

Ahrens are trusted to deliver more value to projects in the waste and recycling industry with their ability to also complete offices, workshops, employee amenities, access ways, roads and car parks or any other element required, while applying innovative design and construction techniques, being aware of the use of materials and resources, as well as implementing environment efficiencies across all work sites.

Their extensive experience means Ahrens can offer a competitive advantage to deliver cost-effective solutions and innovative engineering capabilities based on delivered results. This is why R Cavill Holdings chose and continue to return to Ahrens time and time again.

Complemented by a complete range of in-house capabilities, Ahrens can provide a number of environmentally sustainable solutions to their projects, which includes water storage solutions, selection of materials used, a reduced carbon footprint with locally fabricated steel and components, as well as smart design techniques to maximise natural resources such as the sun, water catchment and airflow.

An ability to think outside the square has seen many of Ahrens’ projects not only feature resource saving efficiencies, but also be more cost-effective for their clients.

Looking to the future of environmental sustainability in Australia, Ahrens are proud to be involved in a number of renewable energy projects including solar energy grids, wind farms, the Wagner Envorinex facility in Queensland, as well as the historical next chapter of the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme – Snowy Hydro 2.0.

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