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Partnering with Wagner Corporation to create a greener Australia

Ahrens is safeguarding a greener future through the award of a new plastic reprocessing facility, demonstrating why they are leaders in the delivery of waste and recycling infrastructure solutions.

With the waste and recycling industry having been identified as a crucial service, the years ahead are predicted to see the sector strengthen Australia’s resource security, generate cleaner energy, create jobs and protect the environment.

Ahrens have done their part to create and safeguard a greener future by partnering with Wagner Corporation for the design and construction of their new plastic reprocessing facility to be used by Envorinex in Queensland.

The trailblazing project, located at Wellcamp Airport near Toowoomba, will be used to process rigid plastics in order to produce plastic pellets, which will then be remanufactured and repurposed.

Having innovative engineering abilities, fused with extensive design and construction experience, Ahrens were chosen to meet the detailed and specific requirements of this waste and reprocessing project; a key sector for the leading construction company.

The project will demonstrate Ahrens’ ability to be a one-stop shop for waste and reprocessing infrastructure solutions, taking the project right from concept to completion.

Scope of works will include multiple structural steel processing buildings along with an office facility.

Working alongside the client, Ahrens offered an innovative yet functional solution, with the slab and footings to be constructed from a new industry concrete product that is environmentally friendly.

The project forms part of the Wellcamp Business Park, which is targeted at creating an environmentally supportive community that encourages patrons to be more sustainably minded.

Ahrens’ work will see Wagner Corporation house a new government driven environmental processing facility and remanufacturing facilitator, which is a first for the state.

According to Queensland Treasurer and Investment Minister Cameron Dick, the project will bring 30 new jobs to Toowoomba and keep nearly 8000 tonnes of waste out of landfill each year.

Ahrens are excited to continue their relationship with the Wagner Corporation and deliver another successful project together, following Ahrens’ successful completion of the Qantas Group Pilot Academy Hangar also in Toowoomba for Wagner Corporation last year.

This project aligns with Ahrens’ commitment to leaving a brighter future for all by minimising their carbon footprint and supporting projects that lessen their impact on the environment.

This ability to see projects through a green lens, combined with their comprehensive experience and all-inclusive approach in serving the waste and recycling sector, have ensured Ahrens maintain their competitive advantage when delivering cost-effective solutions and innovative engineering capabilities, driven by results.

Proud to be an Australian-owned family business, Ahrens is one of the most vertically-integrated construction company in Australia with a complete range of in-house capabilities to deliver your next project from start to finish.

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