Paying the rent: Select Civil

Paying the rent: Select Civil

Waste Management Review explores the streamlined equipment process of Select Civil’s dry plant hire service. 

Managing the purchasing and maintenance of waste facility equipment can be time-consuming, and often beyond the capacity of time-poor site operation managers.

To streamline this process, waste management services company Select Civil supply long-term, full-service, dry hire plants in a range of applications, such as waste transfer stations, green waste processing facilities, alternative waste plants and landfills.   

Renaud Chauvet, Select Civil Managing Director, says the company currently own and maintain 39 plants on long term dry contracts. He adds that the service strives to simplify equipment purchasing and ease of maintenance.

“Waste operators work under harsh conditions and inevitably their machinery breaks down. Select Civil alleviates this problem by providing plant diagnostic and repairs for break down and servicing – we operate like a turnkey solution for mobile equipment,” Renaud says.

According to Renaud, a key challenge when running large-scale waste facilities is multiple points of contact and conflicting information.

“To run a facility of scale, operators need to speak with financiers about capital, suppliers about parts and service companies about maintenance,” Renaud says.

“Whether internal or external, that’s too many voices. With Select Civil there is one point of contact. We handle everything and we make sure the plant is available to do its job when needed.”

When a client engages Select Civil, Renaud visits their site to assess specific operational requirements. From there, he develops a detailed recommendation plan and later makes an offer.

“The process is very transparent. Clients have access to Select Civil’s cost of financing, residual values, as well as budgets for major overhauls, ground engaging tools, tyres, everything,” Renaud says.

“We work with an open book attitude to develop trust with the clients, which means they can focus on their operation and not worry about yellow gear.”

Next, Select Civil opens tenders to original equipment manufacturers to quote on the machinery. To find the best equipment result, Renaud generally invites at least three manufacturers to quote.

“Select Civil has good relationships with tier one manufacturers, and is not tied to anyone brand, but we make sure the equipment is backed up by a solid dealer. That said, we keep our options open when clients are interested in trying less established brands.”

Select Civil then buys the equipment, which has benefits beyond streamlining the decision-making process.

“Large waste facilities don’t always have immediate access to the capital required to procure heavy plants in a timely manner, so renting the equipment side-steps this issue,”
he says.

“Additionally, it’s difficult for original equipment manufacturers to lock equipment resale value in, so we remove that risk for the client.”

Renaud says Select Civil are committed to servicing every piece of equipment after 250 operating hours.

“Most original equipment manufacturers advertise servicing after 500 hours, but because of the typical waste environment, we think it’s best not to stretch it past 250,” he explains

Renaud says many of Select Civil’s plant hire clients began as general waste management and landfill customers.

“When we run their landfill operations, clients invariably realise we are very knowledgeable about the waste industry and the need for well-maintained reliable equipment, as availability is key in our industry.

“Current and recent contracts – some in excess of $10 million – demonstrate our ability to take on, manage and successfully complete large-scale waste projects of any nature.”

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