PepsiCo introduces fully recyclable packaging

PepsiCo has become the first large food business in Australia to integrate 100 per cent recyclable packaging across its entire snack range.

PepsiCo announced the move alongside the launch of Greening the Green, a program in partnership with Clean Up Australia which aims to promote soft plastic recycling.

By the end of 2021, consumers will have the opportunity to recycle the soft plastic packaging, which can be found on products such as Smith’s and Doritos.

The updates will also include the Australasian Recycling Logo featuring on all snack packaging by the end of 2021.

PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand Chief Marketing Officer, Vandita Pandey said the move is much needed progress for soft plastic recycling.

“We are proud to have achieved the first step – designing 100 percent of our snacks packaging to be recyclable – meeting Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Target four years ahead of schedule,” Pandey said.

The Greening the Green program will further support PepsiCo’s efforts, with the initiative helping to enable businesses to better communicate the benefits of recycling to consumers, as well as educate consumers on which packaging can be recycled.

The Minister for Environment, Sussan Ley, said PepsiCo’s involvement in the program is a first step in implementing behavioural change.

“We are seeing companies like PepsiCo standing up to address a real issue with ‘soft’ plastic waste and I congratulate them,” Ley said.

“Greening the Green shows that we can all play a role in recycling and creating a healthier environment and a healthier lifestyle.”

The initiative runs for 12 weeks and educates participants via an interactive online learning experience.

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