QLD pilot diverts power tool batteries from landfill

Queensland Minister for the Environment and Heritage Protection Steven Mle launches ABRI's battery collection and recycling program
The Australian Battery Recycling Initiative’s (ABRI) pilot project to collect and recycle used power tool batteries has seen 800 kilograms of batteries returned to Brisbane hardware stores. since its launch in September.

Under the Power Tool BatteryBack scheme, which is funded by Queensland’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, any power tool battery weighing less than 500 grams can be returned free of charge to one of 18 participating outlets in the Brisbane City Council area until 30 June 2016.

Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles said: “This is an excellent result in such a short time, largely due to the efforts of DIY-ers and tradies in bringing their power tool batteries back for recycling.

“All up, some 2.2 tonnes of recyclable power tool batteries have been saved from landfill since I launched the pilot on Father’s Day last year.”

Dr Miles’ announcement coincided with the meeting of a working group on 21 March charged with exploring the design of a national voluntary program for recycling rechargeable batteries.

Politicians, battery manufacturers, retailers and brand owners gathered in Melbourne to scope how rechargeable batteries could be collected and processed nationally, with a view to publishing a report on this by the end of the year.


Dr Miles said the working group would also discuss a new pilot program in Queensland to test other options for the collection of all rechargeable batteries, building on the information gained from the power tool pilot.

“The working group will also look at ways that collections can be enhanced, and plans for moving forward with the national program.”


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