Plastic Bottle Crusher launched at Coffs

A Queensland company has invented a range of machines to size reduce plastic bottle waste on site at workplaces and hospitality venues, which they unveiled to the waste industry at Waste 2016 last week.

Gold Coast-based John Cross noticed the low quality of can crushing machines when he was collecting litter from a local creek and wanted to squeeze more into his council bin.

The Plastic Bottle Crusher group have invented a range of very strong and durable machines to size reduce the volume of waste suitable for a range of workplaces and the home. John first developed a range of stainless steel manual wall mounted crushers to suit milk bottles and steel catering cans, which are for sale now in Australia, the US and UK.

In the last 12 months he has developed a set of three stainless steel pneumatic baling machines all built in Gold Coast. The Plastic Bottle Crusher comes in several models and sizes, and solves the problem of plastic and cardboard reinflating after each crush cycle. A wheelie bin full of uncrushed milk bottles can be converted to a small bale, and then around 15 of these bales can be placed into one wheelie bin, making it ideal for cafes, school kitchens and large commercial kitchens. Cardboard and plastic wrap can also be baled efficiently in these machines.

“Bin collections cost money and add to the waste miles driven by heavy trucks in every town. Fewer bin collections and ‘back to base’ trips is better for the environment, our towns and our wallets, so reducing the size of waste makes sense,” said John.

“We set out to design a baler that is safe, fast and efficient to use. We are just starting to show the balers to industry now and feedback has been good.”

For more information on the range visit the website or email John Cross at


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