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Plastic Bottle Crusher

Plastic Bottle Crusher
The Plastic Bottle Crusher group has designed a range of strong and durable machines to reduce waste volumes in kitchens and workplaces.

The manual wall-mounted Plastic Bottle Crushers will compact HDPE and PET plastic bottles and steel catering cans. They are built in heavy duty stainless steel, ideal for daily commercial use.

The Model 2250 crushes two-litre milk bottles, making it ideal for cafes.

The Model 5000 compacts the four-litre cream bottle, ideal for bakeries and larger kitchens, while the Model 5001 crushes large steel food cans, designed with pizza and camp kitchens in mind. A three-unit recycling station is also available for extremely busy kitchen operations.

A wheelie bin full of uncrushed milk bottles can be converted to a small bale, and around 15 of these bales can be placed into one wheelie bin, making it ideal for cafes, school kitchens and large commercial kitchens. Cardboard and plastic wrap can also be baled efficiently in these machines.

The Plastic Bottle Crusher range helps businesses reduce waste volume, meaning more waste in the bin, fewer bins on site and lower collection costs.


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